Giorgos Kotzioulas

Giorgos Kotzioulas

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Giorgos Kotzioulas (1909 – 1956) was a poet, prose writer, playwright and critic, with an important contribution to the National Resistance. He was born in Platanoussa (Rapsista) in Epirus. He attended primary school there, secondary school at Ioannina and gymnasium in Arta.

At the age of 17 he started attending courses at the University of Athens, while at the same times he worked as a proof reader and translator for newspapers and magazines. His hard work, his poverty and shortages weakened him and caused him to get tuberculosis which gave him a hard time his whole life.

In 1938 he graduated and returned to his native town. He was part of the National Resistance and organized the artistic group of the 8th Division which he conducted for 3 years (1943 – 1945). In 1944 he founded a theatre company, the “Popular Scene” with which he toured the free part of Epirus, thus creating a praiseworthy theatre in the mountains.

As a poet Kotzioulas stands out for his abundance of metric verse and his inspired rhymes. His prose writings are based on his own experience and show extreme interest. The same stands for his translations, with one of the most characteristic examples being Victor Hugo’s “Les miserables”.

After his death, family and friends collected his works. His “Complete works” were printed in three volumes. The first volume comprises the poems of the period before the war (1928 – 1942), the third volume the poems inspired by the National Resistance (1943 – 1956) and the second volume his prose.


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