Digital Augmented Reality Assistant

Digital Augmented Reality Assistant

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DAuRa (Digital Augmented Reality Assistant) is the Augmented Reality Guide for the monuments and sights of Arta.

The application provides augmented reality functions aiming to enhance the visitor’s experience by providing additional multimedia information on selected points of interest.

It is possible to navigate based on the position, movement, orientation and inclination of the device. Also, through the camera of the mobile device, placing it vertically in the horizontal plane, the device enters an augmented reality environment in which a virtual character (tourist guide) appears who will guide him to the points of interest and virtual objects that will provide multimedia information.

Initially, the virtual tour guide urges the visitor to see where the points of interest are in the area as well as the distance from the current location. After selecting a point of interest, the short description that has been created for this point is narrated and the visitor can see accompanying photographic material. Finally, if he wishes, the visitor can ask the virtual guide to lead him to the selected point of interest and he will start walking there and will urge the user to follow him.

Augmented reality functionality is available through the DiscoverArta mobile app (available for both Android and iOS).


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