Karaiskaki Square

Karaiskaki Square

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Karaiskaki Square is located along the peripheral road of Arta, in front of the fourth Primary School and opposite the parking lot for heavy vehicles. This is a green park with trees and paths, which emerged mainly after the landscaping works carried out in the framework of the square’s beautification program in 2017. The project had a budget of 220,000 euros, as stated by the mayor Mr. Christos Tsirogiannis, and included electric lighting works and construction of the playground with modern safety standards. At the same time, a basketball hoop, benches, trash cans, and fountains were placed in various parts of the area. In 2020, on the initiative of the Municipality of Arta, a tree planting ecological activity took place in the square, during which people planted olive, orange, and lemon trees, which the fourth primary school’s students adopted.
The square is dedicated to the General of the Greek 1821 revolution, Georgios Karaiskakis, whose bronze statue stands astride, moving slightly forward as indicated by his raised left leg and strongly bent right arm. The folds of the foustanella (kilt-like traditional garment) enliven the body’s movement. In his left hand, he holds a sword, while a sword and two pistols are placed on his wide salachi (a belt worn by the captains in the waist, suitable for fastening weapons).

The statue stands on a cube-shaped marble base that has a capital letter inscription on the front:
OF 1821
The inscription is completed by a phrase which is attributed to him:
“”I am dying now but you stay together to keep the country alive””

The statue was created by the sculptor Iason Papadimitriou (Vonitsa 1911-Athens 1976) in 1973. The creator was inspired by the hero’s portrait as painted in 1826 by Karl-Krazeise. Jason Papadimitriou is known mainly for the many sculptures, heroes, busts of statues, and burial monuments. He also created the statue of Napoleon Zervas in the homonymous square of Arta.
The monument of Georgios Karaiskakis is a tribute to the hero by his birthplace. The maintenance and promotion of the statue were included in the landscaping and upgrading works of the square in 2017.
On the 25th of March national holiday, the municipality of Arta lays wreaths at the statue.



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