Thermal Baths at Chanopoulo

Thermal Baths at Chanopoulo

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Chanopoulo has always been an area of thermal baths, known since ancient times. It has an altitude of 10m and is built on the slope of Gelberini hill (Marathias), 6 km north of Arta.
Today the Thermal Baths are included in a broader area of modernized hotel facilities. With a history of more than half a century, the building complex was renovated, maintaining the traditional style that suits the space. The tranquility it offers, the hospitable environment, and the home-cooked food, combined with the uniqueness of the thermal baths, make the baths of Chanopoulo, a popular destination for many visitors.
The uniqueness of thermal water lies in its composition. According to a chemical analysis made by the Directorate of Geochemical Research of the Ministry of Industry, hydrogen sulphonate chlorate gypsum spring is the spring of Chanopoulo. It is unique in terms of composition, mineral spring in Greece, and a similar composition is found only in Nenndorf, Germany, and Haute Savoie in France.
Therapeutic Indications: The thermal action of water is indicated for: Joints and bones, rheumatism, nervous and kinetic system, circulatory system, digestive and urinary system, gynecological problems, and problems with the liver and gallbladder.



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