Municipal Stadium

Municipal Stadium

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The Municipal Stadium of Arta (former National Stadium) is located on Kommenou Street, next to the archeological site of the cemetery of Ancient Amvrakia and 1 km away from the historic bridge. It was built in 1957, has a capacity of 1,500 people, and is the local team’s “”Anagennisi Artas”” headquarters. It has a football field with bleachers and a tartan track.
History: The initial location of the Arta stadium was at the entrance of the city from the east, next to the national road Antirrio – Ioannina, where today the shooting range of the “”Papakosta”” military camp is located. In 1937, it was deemed necessary to transfer it, and in June of the same year, the works on Kommenou Street began. There was only the playing field in the new stadium, and the spectators watched the games from the neighboring hill Peranthis. In 1957, the place was developed in order to acquire the basic structures of a sports facility.
Use: The stadium is used for the needs of the “”Anagennisi Artas”” team, for football matches, for track and field events, and various cultural events.
From time to time, the Municipal Stadium has hosted matches between the Anagennisi and important teams of Greek football. The Anagennisi with Panathinaikos and AEK matches in the 1960s and with PAS Giannena in 1970 are among the historical games.
Panathinaikos: On March 11, 1965, the local team of Anagennisi played a friendly match against Panathinaikos. Panathinaikos beat Arta’s team 5-4. Pakos scored three goals for Panathinaikos, and Spetsarias scored two, while Katsanos scored goals for Anagennisi (at 20 ‘and 30’), Ambrazis (at 37 ‘), and Christakis (at 82’). Five thousand spectators watched the match. The referee was Costas Roimbas from Ioannina. In the 64-65 season, Panathinaikos had big names of Greek football, such as Takis Economopoulos, and the team won the championship undefeated. The coach of Panathinaikos was Stefan Bobek and of Anagennisi, the veteran goalkeeper of Olympiakos, Stelios Kourouklatos.
AEK: Anagennisi Artas faced AEK twice for the Greek cup. The first match between the two teams took place on April 25, 1964, at the Municipal Stadium of Arta. The then powerful AEK defeated Anagennisi 7-0. Mimis Papaioannou scored three goals for AEK (in 33 ΄, 48΄ and 63΄), Papageorgiou scored two goals (in 16΄ and 75΄), Petridis one goal (in 44΄) and Stamatiadis one (at 78 ΄). In the 64-65 season, AEK had Mimi Papaioannou and other important players such as Miltos Papapostolou and Stelios Skevofylakas. That year the team won the Greek Cup. The coach of AEK was the Austrian Heinrich Miller. The second Greek Cup match took place, and AEK won the Anagennisi Artas with 1-4. The specific game was held on October 9, 1989, at the Aneza stadium because the Municipal Stadium was renovated.
PAS Giannena: The record of spectators at the Municipal Stadium of Arta was set in 1970 when the local Anagennisi Artas welcomed PAS Giannena for the championship of Super League second division. During this period, the team of Arta had one of the best years in its history and finished in third place. In the specific match with the team of Ioannina, 7,389 tickets were sold while the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

The shortest route to the Municipal Stadium for visitors from Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Preveza, and Igoumenitsa is from Evzonon Square through Alexandrou Zara Street.



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