Exhibition Center

Exhibition Center

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The Exhibition Center of the Municipality of Arta is the venue of the Panhellenic General Exhibition of Arta. It is located on the peripheral road, northwest of the castle, near the house of Zorba.
The main purpose of the Exhibition Center is the organization and exploitation of the Municipal Trade Fair of Mouchousti, which can be considered the natural continuation of the first trade fair of Mouchousti. After all, from the first trade fair, it maintains its name and opening date every September.
A few words about the history: The word “”muhousti”” (“”mhust”” in the local idiom) means trade fair if it originates from the dialect of Arvanites and animal fair if it originates etymologically from the Arabic word, “”Medhuseua””. Whatever its origin, it named the annual market that took place every September in the area and included a commercial bazaar and an animal market. The location of ​​this old, yearly market, the district of Mouhousti, as mentioned by the metropolitan of Arta Serafeim Xenopoulos, in 1884, in the “”Essay of the Arta & Preveza History””, was located in the southwest of the city, a short distance from the daily market of Romiopazaro.
The trade fair of Arta gathered merchants from various parts of Greece, who arrived at the festival, rented wooden stilts, and exhibited their products. In the 18th century, it even attracted Venetian merchants from the Ionian Islands who came to sell fabrics, paper, glassware, and paints and buy products from the region of Epirus.
The annual market of Mouhousti began to lose its glamor after the liberation of Arta in 1881. The old quarter was left to host only the animal fair in the following years, which gradually disappeared, following the era’s tendencies. The fair was transferred near the castle, approximately at today’s Karaiskaki Square, and it remained there until the 1990s when it was transferred to the Arta Exhibition Center “”Kostas Vagias.””

The Arta Exhibition Center received its current name from the mayor “”Kostas Vagias,”” who passed away on September 3, 2009.
The amphitheater “”Dioni,”” the summer cinema “”Orpheus,”” and the municipal parking lot are located in the surrounding area.
The organization and management of the center have been undertaken since 2009 by the Arta Municipal Societe Anonyme (ADAE OTA), which is active in the field of Development and Provision of Services.
Individual activities of ADAE OTA are:
• Management – Operation of Car Parking Spaces
• Organization and Management of the Exhibition Space of the Municipality of Arta to organize/exploit the Municipal Trade Fair and various other Trade Fairs.
• Management of Funded Programs from the European Union, implemented by the Municipality of Arta and its companies.
• Provision of Technical Consultant Services to Institutions and Companies of the Prefecture for the implementation of Programs co-financed by the European Union.



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