Arta from above

Arta’s Airclub is an aeronautical club, member of the Hellenic Aeronautical and Airsports Federation, active in the paragliding sector as well as in Aeromodelling in the area of ​​Gribovo – Chanopoulo, just a few minutes from the center of Arta.

The flight area is chosen by sports and tourist groups from all over Europe, while Panhellenic air sports competitions are also organized periodically. Experienced and certified pilots-instructors of the Arta’s Airclub, offer the unique experience of a Paragliding flight, but also a comprehensive training that will lead to exams for obtaining a Paragliding pilot’s diploma.


Also, in Kolomodia Arta, there is the Western Greece Airclub at Arachthos Airport “Sminagos (I) Balatsoukas Anastasios”, which purpose is the development of the aviation idea through training flights to obtain pilot’s degrees, the familiarization of citizens with flight and the development of tourism in the surrounding area, with recreational flights to all of Greece.

Canoe Kayak on Arachtos River

Arachthos (135 km long) is the 8th largest river of Greece. It springs in Northern Pindos and empties in the Amvracian Gulf, flowing through the Prefectures of Ioannina and Arta.

Arachtos provides a plethora of routes suitable for canoe kayak, with many levels of difficulty, thus offering an opportunity for high adrenaline and a landscape of incomparable beauty.

The entrance of the narrow canyon of Arachthos is unique, with its steep slopes of 700 meters height, while on every route there are springs spewing out of the rocks, waterfalls and rare kinds of birds.


Kayak in the Amvracian Gulf

The lush beauty of the Amvracian Gulf can’t be totally revealed to the visitor, unless he tries to discover this extraordinary ecosystem inside the gulf.

The best way for this, is to take a tour on the charming waters of the gulf with a sea kayak. People of all ages will experience incredible surprises coming from the sea world, since in these waters a great number of dolphins, fish and birds live and reproduce.

Alternatively, someone can do canoeing and kayaking on the lakes of Pournari in Arta and Ziros in Filippiada

Trekking and Climbing

The area around Arta is ideal for trekking and climbing, combining mountainous landscapes and sea at close distance.

Suggestions for trekking routes

– the road leading out of the city towards the Monastery of Kato Panagia and the village of Glikorizo. The route follows the natural flow of Arachthos river until its mouth in the Amvracian Gulf.

– the route over the hill of Peranthi, through the urban forest and towards either the back of the hill or the riverside park of the city.

– the flatland of Arta and especially the road leading to the Amvracian Gulf and Koronisia is ideal for mild trekking and a chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the area.

– the road from the village of Vigla to the Church of Panagia Rodia until the village of Strogili provides a great view to the lagoons of the Amvracian Gulf as well as the chance to see flamingos.

– for the fans of the semi-mountainous routes we suggest the one towards either Orraon or Xirovouni and Vidra’s Trail.

– for those who like climbing, the nearest options include Xirovouni, Iliovouni, the Valtos Mountains, the Souli Mountains, Tzoumerka and Kokinolakos.

Last but not least, Arta is the ideal base for exploring the mountains all over Epirus: Gramos, Tomaros, Mitsikeli, Kriakouras, Timphi, Valia Kalda, Kakarditsa, Lakmos, Smolikas . . . Conquer or be conquered? Epirus is waiting for you to find out!


Vidra’s Trail

The trail starts from the bridge of Tzari and ends at the bridge of Plaka. It is one of the most beautiful in Greece as it goes alongside Arachthos River and Tzoumerka mountains.

The overall trail is 17,5 kilometers long and takes about 8 hours to complete. One of its advantages is that it suits all kind of hikers, from those who love the challenge of long distances to the ones who want a simple walk – even families.

The best part of the route is the one passing alongside Arachthos river, providing the trekkers with the opportunity to dive in the blue-green waters of the river.

Those who want to explore more can address the Mountaineering Club of Arta. It was founded 30 years ago and its experienced members can provide information for every trail and suggest the best routes. Besides, the Club organizes tens of events and expeditions every year.


The whole region of Arta is ideal for cycling, since the continuously changing landscape and the plethora of the possible routes make up the perfect setting for the fans of bike riding.

The flatland of Arta is the best choice for a calm tour to picturesque villages. Besides, the route towards Koronisia and the Amvracian Gulf gives the bikers the opportunity to enjoy a unique scenery.


On the mountainous routes bikers can enjoy the hospitality of the locals, witness breathtaking landscapes and create experiences for a lifetime!

Routes inside and outside the city, on the rivers and the lakes of the surrounding area, towards Panagia Rodia, Kommeno and Rodavgi, at the mouth of Arachthos, will for sure excite even the most demanding visitor.

The Cycling Club of Arta organizes bike races and other events in the area and its members can suggest the most appropriate routes (or combinations of routes) according to the needs and the experience of each biker.

Windsurf Kitesurf in Koronisia

Koronisia is a place next to Arta, ideal for windsurf and kitesurf from early April until late November. Windsurfing is one of the most fascinating water sports, a challenge to people of all ages willing to vigorously confront with the elements of nature.

Alongside the “traditional” windsurf, over the years Koronisia became a field of action for kitesurf, which is a combination of sports like wakeboard, windsurf, paraglide and surf, and one of the most rapidly developing watersports worldwide.

The Nautical Club of Koronisia organizes windsurf and kitesurf contests, in an effort to help people get familiar with these watersports, which provide recreation, exercising, contact with nature, and the feeling of absolute freedom.

Thermal Baths at Chanopoulo

They were well known already in ancient times, and their uniqueness has to do with the composition of their water (this kind of composition can be found only in Nenndorf, Germany, and Haute Savoie, France).

Nowadays, Chanopoulo Thermal Baths are part of a broader cluster of hotel complexes.

The visitor is hosted in one of the most beautiful places of this area, where he can enjoy the therapeutic properties of thermal waters officially recognized by the Greek Tourism Organisation, the Central Board of Health, and the Hellenic Association of Municipalities with Thermal Springs.

In this calm environment, visitors can wind down and wash away the exhaustion of the day, enjoy the therapeutic properties of this natural spa, see around this place which has a history of more than half a century and enjoy the hospitality of the locals!

Amvracian Gulf

The Amvracian Gulf is unique for its diversity with the rivers Arachthos and Louros flowing into it.

A part of this unique ecosystem consists of lagoons and welcomes tens of rare species of birds and fish. It’s an ideal place for birdwatching, while in its waters flamingos, dolphins and sea turtles live and reproduce, therefore, making this wetland a magical place to explore.

During the afternoon the Amvracian Gulf becomes a heavenly place, ideal for romantic walks, since it combines a gorgeous sunset with the tranquility of the calm sea.

Sea kayaking is the best choice for those who want to combine the magnificent landscape and watersports. Besides, in August there is the Swimming Cross of the Amvracian Gulf, starting from Vonitsa and endind in the picturesque fishing village of Koronisia.

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